Live Life Liv with Mitchell Jones!!!

Pastor Mitchell Jones grew up in Virginia in a large, God-fearing home. He discovered his sexuality and same gender attraction as a child; however, they were in direct conflict with his religious upbringing so he suppressed a part of himself. As a twenty-something pastor, he delivered passionate, fire-and-brimstone sermons condemning himself and others to an eternity in Hell. After 13 years of pastoring, counseling, and teaching, he plumbed the depths of his religious upbringing and studied the teachings of Jesus the Christ, discovering and expressing a multi-faceted spirituality that radically shifted his sermons and redefined his ministry. Pastor Mitchell currently helps others live a purposeful life and embark upon their own spiritual path for optimum personal growth. He’s embraced his true self through years of discovery and actualization, and he now realizes the power of God’s love in his life. His LifeWork is to LiveLifeLiv.